by - December 04, 2011

My friends and I got to see the preview show of "The Magicians" that is apparently gonna showcase on BBC was hilarous! I honestly found it very amusing to see some comedy entwined in the acts.

The first act was good, the 2nd act was rather honestly have to be naive and oblivious to believe that voodoo dolls work? Especially knowing that only the 'extras' are invited on stage?
Yeah sorry to disappoint...but all in all it was a very good night and the show was good too! I'd rate it 4 out of 5?

I couldn't take pictures of the actual show, because I was too busy laughing...but this is what I've got. Thought I'd put up the picture of me taken by my lovely friend Corrine...the outcome looks rather nice :)

(Photography by Zinah & Corrine)
Love and Peace

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