So Soft

Day 2: Hobby

Well, I love design, its not only my hobby but inshallah my future profession. This outfit represents my love for soft colours and pastels and inshallah shown in my future collection ;) so yeah...hope you like it!

(Photography by Amy and Zinah)

Cardigan- Tommy Hilfiger
Headscarf- Zara
Trousers- Zara
Shoes- Peacocks
Necklace- Mikey Jewellery London

Love and Peace

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8 Responses to So Soft

  1. Laila says:

    I really adore those colours, as MangoWhirl said they're so feminine :)
    and you look great MashaALLAH :)


  2. Shums says:

    So girlish and pretty masha Allah~! :)

  3. You look so pretty, mashaallah! You dont smile much in your pictures, i just noticed! :D Love the soft colours.

  4. Roshni says:

    i love this. so cute and pretty!

  5. SaLuff says:

    love love love the combo of sparkly! mA

  6. vala.... says:

    love your blog, love your photos, love your style...mashallah

  7. Thaaaaaannnkkk you all! xx
    @Smiley Hahaha yes I should smile more often ;)

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