by - November 10, 2011

It was a one day trip with my two felt rather surreal, not because we went to see Paris, but because we were dead tired! Waking up at 4am to catch the 6am train, how insane does that sound? Haha
The weather wasn't our friend either, it was cloudy until late afternoon, then it started to rain...why Paris? Why?

Besides these downsides, everything else was great, we saw Notre Dame, Musee Du Louvre, Tour Eiffel, Trocadero, not to forget Champs- Elysees!

Paris without having any macaroons, just isn't Paris at all! The famous Laduree was of course closed and under construction (someone did NOT want us to go to Paris at all!) so we went to buy some from Paul's Bakery. They were delicious, and I just found out that both Laduree and Paul's macaroons are available in London...but they seem extra special getting them from Paris haha

Here are some pictures I've captured of the day ( you can tell the sky was cloudy and grey, can't you?)

(This photo is by Amy)

(Photography by Zinah)
Love and Peace

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  1. Salam Aleykom!

    That's funny: I haven't dream; it was you at Gare du Nord but I said "No why Zinah come in Paris..." BUT THAT WAS YOU , I realised that whith pictures. You were in front of the Mc donalds and I'm going to take the metro ^^ (and that's true you seems to be really tired ^^) If you remember to see a hijabee in front of gare du nord, that was probably me ^^ huhuhu . I lived no so far of gare du nord in fact.

  2. Hahah really?? I think I was too tired to even notice what was in front of me, but you should have said hi :/
    Next time inshallah :D xx


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