Musée Du Louvre

You probably have heard of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Not only is it famous, but it contains famous art pieces and not to forget it was in the movie The Da Vinci Code.
It's so huge, one wouldn't be able to finish it in 2 days perhaps! My interest was the Mona Lisa mainly and the right wing section of the museum...

We managed to stay there for over 2hours and only saw very little...Here are some pictures (can you see how many people surround the Mona Lisa?)

(Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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3 Responses to Musée Du Louvre

  1. Nevin says:

    i love your photography girl!
    do you edit them with photoshop? and if yes, did you just use curves? how did you get the lovely light streaks? sorry for the amount of questions, but i would truly appreciate it :) thank you <3 nevin

  2. pupu says:

    i love the colors of your photo. vintage look! :D

  3. Thank you so much, I feel so flattered, so so lovely to get these compliments and comments :) love you all

    Inshallah I'll be putting up a FAQ page soon, but no I don't use photoshop to edit, I just use Analgcolor to add the 'vintage' colour effect, not all the time, but in some cases like this :)

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