Happy Days

by - November 08, 2011

Eid was wonderful, and I have spent it with the entire family! It's always such a blessing to have a large family and to gather round on special occasions, catching up on how the cousins are doing, the in-laws, and uncles.

Not to forget the late night dinners, going out until you drop dead tired and taking night strolls! Its all great fun. I hope all of you had a blessed Eid with family and friends :)

Here are very few pictures of the day...

(Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. Such a nice family mash'allah =).. Ur dress looks stunning mash'allah.. could U tell us where U bought it from?!
    Much love

  2. Jazakallah khair dear :)

    My dress is from Zara, winter 2011 collection x

  3. you look stunning as always, also the colours in the outfit and the simplicity, very vary classic like you just up my street! and the little girls are GORGEOUS mashallah, oh and the boy/man at the end oh laa laaaa, i'm a bit hot under the collar:)

  4. Jazakallah khair for the lovely comments :) got me blushing there haha
    the boy at the end is my younger brother hahahah xx


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