by - October 19, 2011

(Photography by Jihan, Editing by Zinah)
Watch- Morgan
Scarf - Marc Rozier
Necklace- H&M
Dress, Sandals, Headscarf and Bag- Zara

Love and Peace

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  1. Nice Blogاچھا بلاگ ہے جی۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  2. beautiful! i looove the dress!

  3. Thank you/ Jazakallah khair @ ارتقا حیات

    @Ashi *blushing* thank you/ jazakallah khair my love :D x

  4. love the dress, i saw it in zara last year and drooled over it for ages lolllll its stunning i love the lace/crochet detail.... and you look gorgeous in it. xxx

  5. Jzakallah kahir Fatima :) it was this year's summer collection haha not last year ;) x

  6. hii,i came across ur blogg,and i reallly love ur style
    that dress is stunning.i was wondering would zara still have sorta maxi dresses/skirts?

    Also do zaras dresses come quite long in length?
    im tall,well tallish and i find it really hard to get maxi dress that are long enough.

  7. Hi Anon.
    Thank you :) Zara has at least 1-3 maxi dresses in all their collection, more during their spring/summer collections than winter. They also have maxi skirts :)

    The quality is ok, not the best, but worth the price at times. Hope that helps :)


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