Street Style

by - October 24, 2011

So, I decided to take photographs of Hijabis on the street! You probably have come across many blogs that have street style section, where they post outfit pictures of others...but have you seen Hijabis street style? Maybe haha

It's not always easy to approach people on the street and ask them for photographs, in some cases people will start to freak out and walk off! Not everyone likes their picture taken and especially posted up online, so its a bit of a challenging task|! I managed to ask few lovely sisters so far and I shall post them up one by one :)

If you are brave, bold and stylish and would like to be featured on my blog, then please please please do feel free to email me your outfit picture!

For now, here is my lovely friend Mubeena, who has just a great style! I adore her clothes.

(Photography by Zinah)

Mubeena is wearing:
Cardigan- Republic
Scarf- Dorothy Perkins
Boots- Linzi
Bag- Topshop
Necklace- Primark 

Love and Peace

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  1. ooo loving her outfit esp those boots!

  2. rocking the yellow cardigan!

  3. its a great idea!
    Really looking forward to the upcoming posts :o)

    Love the yellow cardi.. I shall keep an eye out one for myself ;o)

  4. Glad you like her outfit ladies :D so where are yours? ;) lol just kidding, but feel free to post any outfit pictures of yours :D



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