Saudi Arabia Part II

by - October 10, 2011

You can imagine how many pictures I took while I was in Saudi Arabia...1 months, over 15 places and crazy me with my photography obsession. Now do the maths haha there were roughly 700 pictures, obviously I won't bore you with all of them, I will only torture you with around 100+ pictures haha

I am sorry in advance, but my stay in Saudi was wonderful, I would so love to share every corner I have captured with you, every day I visited the Haram, every minute I enjoyed seeing so many happy faces...But  that would mean up to 50 blog posts about Saudi, and I am pretty sure you wouldn't want that :)
Also not to worry, I will post other stuff in between, you know the usual outfit posts, events I will be going to, reviews etc.

So here it goes, 2nd part of my Saudi holiday (obviously only selected pictures). Just be warned, there will be part 3 :D

The selected pictures are from Madinah.

(Photography by Zinah, last 2 by Zak)

Love and Peace

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  1. you look beautiful, it brings back sweet memories of when I travelled for my hajj last year,
    i love your fahion blog:)

  2. Masha'Allah - thanks for sharing the beauty of my homeland.

  3. @Anon. 1, jazakallah khair for the compliment :) and yes, memories from Saudi are sweet indeed, mashallah that you have gone for hajj

    @Anon. so glad to hear that a lovely person of Saudi is liking this blog post :) Saudi is a beautiful land indeed


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