New Place

by - October 01, 2011

This was my first time celebrating Eid abroad (Madinah/ Saudi Arabia), and it was strange...really great to see the entire city celebrate, have fun, families going out until early in the morning (until 3am) and so much love in the air. Yet it felt a little bit lonely, since it was all new and we barely knew anyone there.

Normally we spent the 1st day of Eid having a huge lunch with the entire family and relatives. All coming over to our place. This time, it was just my parents, sister, brother and I, in a new place, knowing no one.
We still managed to have fun at the end by going out and seeing wonderful places and having a lovely dinner and delicious ice cream (Mövenpick Swiss Premium! Yuuuuummmm!)

(Photography by Zinah & Zak)

I'm wearing:
Headscarf- Fendi
Abaya- from Saudi Arabia
Necklace- Mikey Jewellery London

Love and Peace

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  1. I can totally relate to this post! Alhamdulilleh,I visited Saudi in ramadhaan and spent eid in Madinah :)
    Its an alien feeling, but at the same time, you feel 'in place' aswell.

  2. really enjoying readin about your saudi experiences... looking forward to seeing more pictures. xxx

  3. @Humayara, I am so glad to hear that you can relate to this :) Eid in Saudi is just so extraordinary

    @Fatima Khan, happy to hear this and jazakallah khair :) inshallah I will post some more about Saudi x


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