Ajyad Market

by - October 15, 2011

Just as soon as you pass the huge fancy shopping centres in Makkah, you see this lovely authentic market. I love it! Not a fan of big modern shopping centres at all (don't even have much/any love for Westfield London!) and when I saw this market, I was in awe! It's so colourful, happy and yes cheap! Even the sales assistants were all so friendly and welcoming.

These two guys even asked me to take picture of them, and they thought I'm from Algeria or Morocco...funny!

On a different note, I really, really, really love reading each one of your comment and I am delighted to reply to each one of you. Please feel free to bombard me with comments, questions, suggestions, ANYTHING really! It seriously means the world to me!

I should be punished for not replying for the past 5months, not because I have been lazy or drowning in vain, but because my silly blog wouldn't send me notifications of the comments posted, and I hardly had the chance to flick back through blog posts to check for comments. I am terribly sorry that I have only replied to the comments of the blog posts recently. Please forgive me?

Now I am fully back on track :D oh and I love you all x

(Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  2. Wa'alaikum Asalaam

    Jazakallah khair :), I had a look at your blog, its wonderful, keep it up x


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