by - September 21, 2011

I really am not good at packing, but I am even worse at unpacking...I started packing for my holiday to Saudi Arabia (that was 1 month ago...) and I had no idea what to take with me.

Light packing was out of the question, as I had to stay abroad for 1 month, but I also couldn't pack to much since I was only allowed 25kg on the plane (Lufthansa just in case you're wondering). So what did I take?

My 3 babies...these are my Nikon slr camera, my MacBook and my iphone. Then I took 3 books, just for light reading, some essentials such pyjamas and lingerie. When it came to clothes, accessories and shoes, I was hopeless!
My mum told me: "You need plenty of Abayas, headscarves and under garments, but nothing else!"

She was right, there is nothing else you can wear in Makkah and Madinah, for religious reasons and the weather (39C min. 47C max.).

I am back in London now and I have still not unpacked!

(Photograohy by Zinah)

Sandals- Primark
Flip Flops- Primark
T-Shirt- Zara
Pyjama Trousers- Primark

18-55mm Zoom Lens- Nikkor for Nikon
MacBook Pro
Hajj & Ummrah Book
Stories of the Prophets book

Love and Peace

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