by - July 27, 2011

My lovely friend Sabina Begum is a brilliant make-up artist. She has done several make-up looks for many people, including bridal. She was kind enough to work along with ZAHRA & ZINAH for a photoshoot.

She is a freelance make-up artist and specialises in Asian Bridal make-up, engagements/ parties or any special occasions. She's based in London and her passion for make-up is clearly shown in her amazing work.

At the moment, you can contact her through her email or add her as a friend on her business facebook profile. 

These are the pictures from the behind the scenes of the ZAHRA & ZINAH photoshoot.
She has done the make-up on both our model Bashy and Zahra. The make-up look is just all neutral/ coral with a hint of gold.

For more make-up looks, you can see it on her Facebook profile.

(Photography by Zinah, last one by Amira)

Love and Peace

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  1. heya zinah ! juste a mail for tell to you , i really love ur blog , im from paris and there aren't girls muslimah they have a blog , right , i love ur style ,ur picture and ma cha Allah ur pretty , just some words from paris , and lucky u u live in ldn , i hate paris for me ldn is the most place , peace and , hello is i back to ldn , God bless you , Amy from paris

  2. Salem a3leykuuum oukhty!

    Happy to see the naked palette in a hijabi blog talks about make up but in french (I have created an other one named enchantedboudoir if you really don't understand French!)!

    Hope to see a lot of articles of you!


  3. @Amy, thank you so much lovely, your words just made my day! I understand what you mean, with France being all limited and all when it comes to cultural and religious diversity, but try to enjoy life every minute at any place :) make the most out of it.

    I am coming to Paris soon, to see the city, feel free to send me any suggestions haha xx

    @Sonia, thank you dear. I like make-up blogs and follow some, but your blog seems to be removed? :( I can't have a look sadly


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