Something other than Zara

by - June 28, 2011

(Photography by Zinah & Jihan)

Headscarf- Zara
Dress- H&M
Jeans- Mango
Loafers- New Look
Blazer- Forever 21

Love and Peace

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  1. Asalaam,

    Don't ask me how, but I stumbled upon your blog :) I am a non-Muslim woman from Europe but I love modest clothing... so that may explain how I ended up on your blog after all.

    Anyway, what a lovely style you have and I am in love with your photography style. Would you please, PLEASE be so kind as to tell me how you get the soft, pastel atmosphere in your photos? I've been looking to learn that for a while now. I'm relatively new to DSLR photography (and blogging!) and trying to learn along the way what I can :)

    Thank you and blessings,
    This Good Life

  2. P.S. I couldn't find the Blogger 'Follow' button, so I don't know how to follow you, but feel free to either visit me or I'll check back :)

    This Good Life

  3. TGI, first of all I am terribly sorry for replying so so late! 2nd, thank you so much for your comment, really means a lot to me!

    About the soft pastels, I think its all about lighting, ISO on the camera and the right location. There is no other magic really, I try not get editing involved in my photography unless I want them to be artistic. I think its my lens that does this? Compared to the other slr camera lenses I have tried...hope that helps



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