by - June 22, 2011

I am so in love with her blog, her style, and her lovely and bubbly personality! I am talking about the one and only Shea. I've been chatting with her online, and it felt like I knew her like...forever!

She is such a humble and lovely girl, very lovey dovey, full of life and love. You notice the repeated use of the word 'love...', that's because Shea loves love!

(Photographs from My Amethyst, slightly edited by Zinah)

Her blog contains a lot of beautiful outfits and photographs, but also some nice notes about love, fashion, art and everything that goes through Shea's innovative mind. Speaking of innovation, she has started a blogshop Pastelina with her dear friend Adriani. is an online blogshop which caters to those who love everything sweet and subtle, young and modest. These are the words of Pastelina, and I couldn't agree more! The clothes are oh so lovely, stylish and dreamy! The colour palette is BEAUTIFUL, in fact my very favourite and they are all 100% Malaysian (did I mention that I am so in love with Malaysia? No? Well now you know...I've never been there, but inshallah I'll go when the time is right)

( Photographs from Pastelina, slightly edited by Zinah, although they've been already beautifully edited by Shea I believe?) 

I love everything this girl does, she inspires me and I pretty sure many other girls out there. I adore her style (I am sorry, but I had to repeat myself...) it's so brave, bold, unique, elegant and yet so modest! You can admire her more on her blog here and visit Pastelina here!

Love and Peace

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  1. i also adore with her!i wont miss any of her post!i think she got million of clothe and everything!

  2. i love shea too. like her, i want to be recognize by my own country too. :)

  3. Nice blog. Cool styles you have!
    Feexa Nicoll @

  4. Who doesn't love Shea? She is an adorable princess with so much love to give! And yes I DO NOT miss any of her posts! x


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