Maybe its Maybelline!

by - June 11, 2011

I must admit I love make-up, but which girl doesn't? I do like to keep it natural and light though...I never do a 'full' make-up, unless it's a special occasion.

This is what I consider a full make-up...and yes, I was going to a 'special' place :)
I put on the Maybelline concealer (under my eyes only and it kills me to have dark eye circles!), powder and mascara, with a Revelon blusher and Revlon blue shades eyeshadow. Didn't put anything on the lips, except vaseline and some of the face powder went on my lips when I was doing my make-up

How do you think it looks? Too much or just ok? Nice or nah? I sure am not a make-up artist!

(Photography by Zinah)

Mascara- Maybelline
Powder -Maybelline (Golden Beige)
Concealer- Maybelline (Sand)
Blusher - Revlon
Eyeshadow- Revlon (Azura Mist)

Love and Peace

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  1. it's not too much at all, love it!

  2. I think it looks natural, neutral and not too much!

  3. may I just ask why you dont use mascara or eye liner? Would look nice on you :)


  4. Thank you lovelies :)

    @ Elmira, I rub my eyes a lot, and it gets watery when I put on eye liner...sensitive eyes you see haha that's why i don't put any mascara or eyeliner (unless I am forced cause of weddings or special occasions)


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