Let's Work Out!

by - May 31, 2011

Day 3: Work Out Wear

Well, I normally join a women's only gym (and it's almost 1hour journey from my home!) Fitness First in Chalk Farm/ London, so I don't wear headscarf then, because members are all women. However, passing the hallways or any other 'mixed gender' territories, I wear a headscarf!

This is an outfit I recommend for work wear. Hope you like it :)

(Editing by Zinah)

1. Track Pants- Adidas
2. Jersey Top- H&M
3. Headscarf- Zara
4. Trainers- Adidas
5. Watch- Adidas

Love and Peace

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  1. salam sis
    I love it so hip muslimah ^ ^

  2. Oh! I love the t-shirt! and the headscraff is so beautiful!

    Your so lucky having a women's only gym! :D


  3. ohh i like the grey slouchy top!!

    Check out my Work Out Wear look here >> [yazmiinaktar.blogspot.com] xx

  4. Thank you girls

    @Laila, here is a BIG HUG for you :* xx


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