Date Night

by - June 02, 2011

Day 4: Date Night

I am so sorry I put this up so late, I just did the pictures literally 20mins ago!
I don't have a husband, but I do have amazing friends (girls) and this is what I would wear on a night out with my girls :)

(Photography by Zinah & Jihan)

Headscarf- Zara
Vest- Zara
Skirt- Zara
Bag- Zara
High Heels- Zara
Necklace- H&M
Ring- Present from my mom

Love and Peace

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  1. I like your style sister. Especially the way you wear your hijab! Lovely photos:)

  2. masha'Allah I love everything about this outfit!!!!! Your style is so amazing!

  3. What I love best about your style is that you know how to pair structure with modest (read: looser) fits. Vests are a lovely way to cover one's curves while still looking put-together. (also, super love this outfit haha)

  4. your style is very interesting sister! i like it a lot, love the skirt and vest here!

    Click here for my date night look>> [] xx

  5. Thaaaannnkk you all so much! Love love love you girls, also I am terribly sorry for replying so late :( xx


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