Preview: My Room

by - May 17, 2011

I finally got my own room, and alhamdulillah is pretty big and...empty at the moment. I am currently re-decorating and refurbishing my room, and someone requested a post on my room. Well, as I am nowhere near finished with my room, I thought I could give you a little idea of what colour pallets my room will be.

These decorations are in my room already, but not placed yet. I shall do another post when my room is complete inshallah.

(Photographs by Zinah)

Vase- Ikea
Artificial Roses- Ikea
Picture Frames- Ikea (Ribba range in white and 3 different sizes)
Small Picture Frame- Ikea (White)
Mirror- Ikea
Belt- Zara

Love and Peace

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  1. yaay for room tour!

    cnt wait and good luck with it.. it can b vry stressfull well atleast for me it always is.

    ..i want everything in my room all at once! haha

  2. Thank you lovely :) and many apologies for replying so so so late! I am so terrible! xx


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