When You're Smiling

(Photography by Jihan, Editing by Zinah)

Headscarf- ZNS
Cardigan- Zara
Dress- H&M
Bag- Zara
Heels- Zara
Ring- Present

Love and Peace

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5 Responses to When You're Smiling

  1. Anonymous says:

    stunning, clever use of colour, i own a yellow nail polish too, it's too frightening to put in though, but on a summers day it's like the cherry on the cake

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just love your outfit here! This colour looks fab on you mashallah :)


  3. Sumeyye says:

    omg i tried this dress on H&M but it was a way too long for me (im petite :p ) it's a gorgeous one

  4. Anonymous says:

    hai..i'm sara
    i do love the way u dressed very stylishly. but sorry to say that yellow colour on your fingernails makes weird. because it far away from muslimah fashionistar.. i'm apologized if my comment disturbing u..
    maybe i the one who makes bad view to you.. apologized once again

  5. To all you lovely ladies, thank you/ jazakallah khair for the lovely words :)

    @Sara, you are more than welcome to share your opinion and don't worry about it :) I am happy to receive critics, much appreciated xx

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