Sheer Drop

(Photography by Amy Pho)

Headscarf- Zara
Top- Zara
Long sleeved Top- Primark
Maxi Skirt- Zara
Belt- Zara
Wedges- Zara
Bag- Paolo Masi
Ring- Swarovski

Love and Peace

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6 Responses to Sheer Drop

  1. OMG this is gorgeous!! love it! Mash'Allah <3

  2. love you style Zinah. Love how you make it so simple but amazing gorgeous!!

  3. you're making me like zara more and more! i must go and visit the store!

  4. LOVE ur outfit mashaallah. I am followin u now :)

  5. This look is absolutely stunning Zinah!! MashaAllah

  6. Thank you all very much
    @Sorfisa I feel like a walking Zara advert hahah

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