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by - April 28, 2011

I have met the lovely sister Zahra from NorMode a couple of month ago for a tea. I have previously met her on Smokey Not Smudgy event, and we instantly clicked. She's very lovely, unfortunately I only got to meet her friend Suad (hope I spelled her name correctly...) briefly during the SnS event. Suad is also Zahra's business partner.

The idea of having their own fashion label was born in 2009. Zahra told me that she sort of struggled with combining clothes to make it modest, and it was rather frustrating for her layering up all the time, that is why she decided with her friend to design and create a modest clothing line.

They worked very hard and travelled to many places to start with a small collection in July 2009. Their dedication and passion got them to the place they are today with their fashion label.

(NorMode@ SnS, Photography by Zinah)

NorMode sells maxi dresses, skirts, tops, hijabs & shawls. All beautifully designed and modest to most extent. I recommend you to have a look at their website and admire their collection. The price range is very decent, and totally worth for what one will get. 

(Photography & Editing by Zinah; Last 2 photographs by NorMode)

Love and Peace

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  1. You are gorgeous and so is your personal style.
    You are my Hijabi muse.
    Keep doing what you do and keep sharing:)

  2. Lovinggg this post and just the beautiful colors displayed in it! I'm gonna go visit their website! :) Also, im gonna follow your blog! Good luck in HFW!

    -fellow blogger, sobia

  3. Awww these two comments just made my day (and I am replying to it 5months later, how awful am I?!). You girls are so sweet and because of sisters like you, my blog is still alive and you're my daily motivation. Jazakallah khair xx


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