Brights & Blues

(Photography by Amy Php & Zinah)
Headscarf- Mossimo Dutti
Cardigan- H&M
Silk Dress- Zara
Pendant- New Look
Boots- Zara

Love and Peace

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3 Responses to Brights & Blues

  1. this is a nice bold combination. i wouldn't have thought that colour of pink and blue would suit. the necklace is beautiful!

  2. i love this color combo Zinah. But i don't have a lot of 'suitable' time to wearing them. You look amazing as always!!


  3. Debie says:

    Love the blue shade of the photos-- almost gives it an underwater effect!

    PS I'm one of the community managers over at IFB and just wanted to say welcome and we're happy to have such a unique blog like yours in our network! :)

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