All that Glitters...

(Photography by Zinah, Styling by Zinah)

Sunglasses- Chloe
Bag- Chanel
Heels- Zara
Everything else Zara!

Love and Peace

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8 Responses to All that Glitters...

  1. Anonymous says:

    omg look at you here looking like leona lewis in that first pic masha aaalaaaah you are beautiful sis.

  2. Unknown says:

    Pretty Girl.. :)

  3. elmira says:

    You're style is so classy and elegant, so chic and beautiful yet modest. I also like the photos you put on your blog, you're really really good! A pro?! Also, you often have pictures of a hijabi girl posing in different outfits, is that your design? Or maybe you just take the pictures and its somebody elses design, however, mashaAllah you're natural beauty :) Take care Zinah!

  4. beautiful!
    Love the heels.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i totally agree with all the comments
    p.s. i NEED that bag

  6. Thank you all very much
    @ Elmira, the clothes aren't designed by me...I just style the outfit and put it together :)

  7. Rawdah says:

    Love The Look :) Can I Ask When Did You Buy The Cape MashaAllah Love It Oh And How Much xx

  8. Rawdah, I bought the cape from Zara and it was £70, but that was winter 2010 collection :(

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