Accordion Pleat

(Photography by Jihan Nur)

Skirt- Zara 
Everything else Zara as well haha

Love and Peace

*edit: sorry I have put the wrong link for the skirt, and now its sold out on 

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4 Responses to Accordion Pleat

  1. the skirt is amazing...!
    i cant wait to head off to zara!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I always LOVE your choice of colour, keep doing what you are doing, stay humble and stylish

    P.S. you're beautiful

  3. Assalamu Waleykum sister

    I am a Muslimah girl from Brazil and i also have a blog. Today I made a post where I talked about the long skirt and put a picture of yourself as an example and link your blog there.I wish u could check and confer there:


  4. Thank you all very much :) I appreciate your kind words and can't thank you enough for being great readers and visitors

    @Hana, sure you can use my picture (obviously crediting the blog), but I haven't found any post on your blog...which is strange :/

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