by - March 31, 2011

Please kill me for posting this so late! I have met Elenany in February, and meant to write this sooner, but I got so busy (and lazy)!

Elenany Sarah is by miles the coolest person I have met. She thinks outside the box, not only with her own fashion label (or perhaps, I should call it her clothes label). The clothes she designs are rather different, they have no restriction of season, what's trendy right now or tomorrow and can be worn anytime to be honest. In other words, good designs that are timeless!

According to her own words, Elenany is not a trend, it does not follow nor does it deliberately seek to lead. The graphics on Elenany's clothes are inspired by Islamic art and culture, and perhaps the trademark of its label.

(Photography by Zinah)

We were talking for hours about divers subjects, and I must admit, it was a relieve seeing someone so intelligent and yet so down to earth without a huge ego! Its great to see an open minded person, who thinks for herself and doesn't follow the crowed just for the sake of it.

(Elenany@ SnS's Fashion Show, Photography by Zinah)

You should really have a look at the online store, and you must admit, not only are the clothes and designs unique, but also cool ( I have overused the word 'cool' and murdered it's meaning! I really can't find another word to describe her collection? Awesome? Brilliant? Amazing? You decide!)

Visit the website here: http://www.elenany.co.uk/

Love and Peace

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  1. love your blog Zinah!! Keep posting <3


  2. Nice to put a picture to put a picture to a face Sarah. Great job with Elenany!


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