Dark Circles

by - March 20, 2011

I started using Garnier Eye Roll-on, cause I have terrible dark circles...and to be honest the Garnier eye roll-on they sell in the UK (the green one) is no use! I have used it for 1 month and didn't see almost no difference. Not that my dark circles takes years to vanish...so I ordered the Granier eye-roll on light from abroad and tried that instead. 

The eye-roll on light was so much more effective and I saw good results in just 3 weeks. I use it twice a day (morning when I wake up and evening, after a very long day!) I would recommend this product to everyone! Ohh another thing, one must have 8hours of sleep for this to be effective as well. Don't expect Garnier Eye roll-on to work miracles when you only have 2-3hours of sleep or so per day (which by the way I had for the past 2 weeks!)

(Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. Hey Zinah! I tried using the lemon extract one that we get here in India. I seriously don't know if it works! Deep down I keep telling myself- 'It's working-it HAS to work! I feel better!' but you know what? NO ONE can tell the difference! Haha. These cosmetics companies just play with us you know! ;)

  2. i'm using the green roll-on too and i'm not sure if there's any difference. gonna switch to light soon-ish! thanks for the review :)

  3. @Mifrah, I am pretty sure deep down we all convince ourselves that the products somehow work? But only few work over a long period of time...I am sure it just takes some time and regular use

    @nn, you're welcome :) hope it works for you x


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