Milano III

by - February 17, 2011

(Photography by Zinah...except the one from myself, by Zakaria Nur)

Places include: Porta Venezia- Cadorna- Castello Sforzesco- Cairoli- Acquario and Gelateria in Porta Venezia

Love and Peace

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  1. Hi slm, ur blog is wonderful and your pictures are looking fab mashallah. I'm assuming you use a 50mm lens for hose effects, if im right, is that the only lens you use in all your pics?

    Kudos on the blog!

  2. Thank you my lovlies

    @Anonymous, thank you for the kind words
    yes I do use the 50mm f1.8 lens, for all my photography (not before November though, I was using standard 18-55mm zoom lens back then)


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