Love the Skin You're in

by - February 06, 2011

I started using Olay Natural White day face cream just 3month ago, and its amazing! It actual does not make you fair or anything, but it nourishes the face, keeps it smooth and soft. I really love it, and with the help of L'Oreal face wash, my face does not suffer from dead skin cells or dry patches. I would recommend it to everyone! 

(Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. sounds intresting, I'm so desperate for a good cream that moisturizes without greasing my skin...I have a very odd skin type, sometimes it's oily other times really dry, when I try to use some moisturizer for combination skin it leaves my skin oily even few pimples shows up, so I just stopped using anything, but with this cold weather I have so many dry patches especially around my mouth and forehead so I'm kinda in loss on what to do, I only use sunscreen, and the irony is the sun is barely there! but it leaves my skin soft and better but I can't use sunscreen all the time. sorry for babbling a lot on this lol but it really bugs me, I'm gonna try to have a shot with this one. Thanks for posting this up! :)

  2. Zainab, don't worry, I do understand your frustration. I had a similar problem and did try out too many face creams, before I settled for Olay. I do hope this post helped and I hope you'll find the face cream that matches your skin's needs :)


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