HFW Blog Launch

by - February 01, 2011

Hijab Fashion Week is coming back, and this time we are all hoping it to be big and better! So many of you lovely readers showed a lot of interest and love, and we all appreciate each one of your support! It means the world to me and I am sure to the other bloggers too!

HFW is now on Facebook and Twitter, show some love & support.

The blog will launch on the 14th of February. Make sure to visit, follow and spread the word. Your support means the world to HFW and without you, it wouldn't be recognised. I will send the link of the HFW blog after the 14th inshAllah.

For those who don't know about the previous HFW, here are the outfits I have posted:

Day 1- Day 7 (click on the images to see actual post):

Love and Peace

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  1. salam, care to exchange links? :)

    Ami Schaheera

  2. loving the concept mashallah

  3. Ami, i would love to :)

    @Anonymous, thank you :)


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