White Winter

London had another wonderful white winter...It was all so lovely, until the snow turned into ice!

(Photography by Zinah)

*Edit, OMG I forgot my usual "Love and Peace". Sorry guys, felt a little bit guilty for not showing my love to you. So here you go LOVE and PEACE!

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3 Responses to White Winter

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your photographs and your blog on the whole! Very pretty mA! BOOKMARKED! ;) heh

  2. Anonymous says:

    Salaam! I like your style because its loose and not too girly. I'm a tomboy at heart so I really appreciate seeing your style which is pretty unique in my opinion!


  3. @Aisha, thank you for the kind words :)
    @Miriam, thank you, glad you like it :) I 'used' to be a tomboy, and to be honest I still am 70% of the times now haha

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