Vanilla& Straweberry

by - January 11, 2011

(Photography by Zinah)

High Heels- Miss Selfridge
Glass Pearl Earrings- Mikey London
Pink Flower Corsage- H&M
Cream Flower Corsage- Mikey London

Love and Peace

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  1. Hi,
    i've recently discovered your blog and I love it!
    I love it even more bcoz this blog is a UK based one as im from London and most blogs are internationally based.. I dnt mind ofcrse but its also nice to follow something a little more local..can relate to it more.

    I wanted to ask and I really hope you reply;

    *what camera do you use?
    *Do you use a tripod to take the picz?

    the pictures are really nice and clear, just beautiful

    recently i got my brother to buy the Panasonic G2, its a micro four third one. Its quite compact than the DSLRs, but the pictures as not coming out that good :(
    in fact im very disappointed, it takes a lot of effort and re shots in order to get a near enough desired photo, thats why i wanted to know.

    I really do hope you reply and good luck with the beauty countdown, im definitely gna follow you..


  2. Everything in the pictures is simply gorgeous!
    Love the heels! :)

  3. @Zainab& Smiley thank you very much x

    @Halema, I am glad you like my blog, thank you for the kind words.
    I use a nikon d5000 dslr and a 55mm f1.8 prime lens. The photographs of me were taken by my friend and sometimes brother. All other photos were taken by me, I just started using a tripod most recently to take photographs of myself (lol not for vanity, but for the style part of this blog) , since I can't stress anyone else with my blog lol

    Good photography equipment is only part of a good photograph, the rest is up to the photographer...
    Practise makes perfect, really...there isn't any other secrete on good photography.

    Hope that helps :) x

  4. Jazzak Allah for the reply sister, really appreciate it.

    its true actually what you said, thanx



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