Bow Tie

(Photography by Amy Pho)

Bow Tie Shirt- Zara
Coat- Zara
Bag- Zara
Wedges- Zara
Trousers- Zara
Belt- H&M
Scarf- ZNS
Necklace- H&M

(You may have realised by now that one item or more from Zara is always included in my outfits...Well, 95% of my clothes are from Zara!) 

Love and Peace

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3 Responses to Bow Tie

  1. Hautejabi says:

    We all always have that one store that we find EVERYTHING we love from. Mine, personally, is Forever 21 and Gap. But its okay, because you pull Zara off amazingly! I love the bow tie shirt, especially how you wore it with your hijab.

  2. la.noir says:

    you loook soo cute with your bow tie blouse..

  3. Hautejabi, thank you. I do feel like I ONLY go to Zara...I only go other stores occasionally, which is not good, cause they have great stuff too...Guess I'm a Zara addict hahah

    @la.noir, thank you x

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