Bio Oil

by - January 09, 2011

I started using Bio Oil 1month before the start of the Beauty Countdown...I have been using it twice a day, and on very few occasions once a day...according to the description, Bio Oil should be used twice a day for 3month to see results.

It meant to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It's non-greasy, suitable for all ages and skin types and there are no preservatives.

To be honest, the only noticeable thing after a one month use of Bio Oil, is that my skin is sssoo much smoother, soft and feels nourished. Very few of my scars are sort of 'disappearing'...I still have 2month to go and let's see if Bio Oil keeps up its promises!

(Photography by Zinah)

Retails sell 200ml for £19.99, but Amazon sells it only for £9.09. I got it from Amazon ;) ohh and its free UK delivery.

Love and Peace

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  1. Assalam zinah..i'm one of your blog readers.u have a nice blog!i've read about your bio oil entry n yes,it worked on me.but,i would like to let u know that i bought it at MYR 32.00 which means worth $6.5 pounds.but,it was for 60 time,i will do the same as u things from!heee


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