Photo Diary

by - December 06, 2010

Salaam Everyone!
I hope you're all doing is pretty hectic at the moment, and I'm finding it really hard to take photographs of outfits and to post things about fashion or anything that relates to the purpose of this blog...My university projects are taking my life and I have many deadlines :/

I will obviously be posting on the blog, now that it became part of my life, and I also decided to do a Photo Diary on my Facebook page (the Facebook page for the blog to be precise...)

I shell be posting photographs I have personally took during my daily activities etc...Not that my life is any interesting and my photography isn't anything fascinating either, but I LOVE photography and would love to share them with you. They will be all personal photos and photos only taken by me, no one else, dedicated to my Facebook people! If you aren't one of them yet, join us!

If you don't like the blog's Facebook page already, what are you waiting for? Click here to like the Facebook page!

I already uploaded the first set of photographs...please feel free to join! Besides my twitter, the Photo Diary won't be updated or upload anywhere else EXCEPT the Facebook Page, so don't miss out :)

Lots of love, (not the usual love& peace...)

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