Beauty Countdown

by - December 30, 2010

I'm pretty much guessing that we all love to look after our skin, health and 'beauty'...But then it always doesn't work, or we get too lazy to even bother? Not sure if that is your case, but it definitely is my case!

Since none of my resolutions work (no, not only New Year resolutions...but random resolution within the year...) I thought it would be a good idea to start a 'beauty countdown' where I try to be healthy, eat healthy, use certain beauty products and look after my skin...All that for HOPEFULLY 6month inshAllah. Instead of me doing it all alone, I thought I'd share it with you sisters on this blog inshAllah :)

Starting from this Sunday iA, I shall start the beauty countdown and keep you updated once a week. That is including product reviews (that I personally use and will personally use) and photographs.

(Photography& Editing by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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    Happy New Year's!
    The photography on your blog is always so enticing! And beauty countdown? yeah, COUNT me in!

    It's kind of lame, but there's a blogger award with your name on it on my blog! it's my first blogger award so I had to participate, so hush now! And 'course I had to tag ya! ;)

  2. Thank you :) Happy New Year to you too

    Awww thanks love, that's awesome! I shall post it asap. xx


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