Smokey Not Smudgy

by - November 07, 2010

It was a great event, I met many lovely sisters. The lovely Denise and I had the pleasure to help the wonderfully kind Hana Tajima from Style Covered and Maysaa...though I must admit, I hardly done anything :s

The fashion show was done well, and I loved many pieces. Maysaa's collection was just very elegant and simply beautiful.
Sadly, I didn't spend much time looking around the stands and admire every amazing work (Hence the lack of pictures of the stands) by many lovely sisters.

Here are some snapshots: First three pictures are from the Maysaa collection during the fashion show

(The lovely Hana& Denise...Photography by Zinah)
Love and Peace

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  1. i was gutted i couldnt go to this event, thank you for the awesome photos zinah!!!

  2. Thank you smiley

    and you are very welcome Aisha, there is always next year inshallah :)


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