Señoras Night Out

Day 3: Hijab Fashion Week Girl's Night Out...

Going out is all about dressing up and having fun. A little bit of sparkle here and there won't hurt, but too much can be blinding (no, not literally...)

Ps. If you live in London try the cakes from Caffe Concerto...delicious!

(Photography mainly by Amy Pho and partly by Zinah)

Headscarf- H&M
Sequinned Satin Blazer- Zara
T-Shirt- Zara
Silk Skirt- Zara
Black Jeans- Mango
Studded High Heels- Zara
Fur Clutch- Luna Llena
Dragonfly Clip& Ring- Primark
Nail Polish- Bourjois 1 Seconde T8 Rouge Profond

Check out other participants outfits HERE!

Love and Peace

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7 Responses to Señoras Night Out

  1. subhanallah, nice outfits and nice picture. nice to see ur blog Zinah,

    feel free to come and visit my blog :)

  2. SO beutiful zinah..
    what a beautiful photos and outfit!!

  3. Em says:

    zinah! srsly loving your bling, it's so classy. +blazer + shoes :]

  4. Anonymous says:

    love the bag...and the shoes :)

  5. ajjah says:

    Zinah i love your photography style.. Talented

  6. Thank you all my lovelies :)

    @Ajjah, I only took photographs of the bag and cake lol the rest are taken by my lovely friend Amy Pho :D

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