Moroccan Kaftans

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the lovely Mirriam Kaissi, the founder and designer of Moroccan Kaftans.

The interview will be put up very very soon (life is so manic at the moment...), for now, check out her lovely designs here

(Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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5 Responses to Moroccan Kaftans

  1. Sesumpah says:

    Assalamualaikum Zinah (:

    I'm Bella from Malaysia. You do have a great style. I've posted some of your looks in my blog.

    I hope youu don't mind. Hihi.

  2. ranistia says:

    Subhanallah, Zinah you are definitely adorable

  3. Anonymous says:

    love the way she wears her hijab

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  5. Sesumpah, thank you for the kind words :) I don't mind x
    @Ranistia, thats not me :) its Mirriam Kaissi x

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