by - November 11, 2010

A very informal and casual look, that not only makes you look good but also feel good, because the clothes are so comfortably stylish! Sounds tacky, but I couldn't find a better way of describing it haha

The numbers are in order of how to put on the outfit (silly or what?)
Make sure that you tuck in the blouse in your trousers and put the belt on, and don't put the pendant after wearing the headscarf but BEFORE...just a tip ;) Another thing I've noticed is...the prices! However, as always said Quality over Quantity!

1. Front Pleat Trousers- Zara £39.99
2. Shirt Fl Victor- Mango £49.90
3. Leather Belt- H&M £7.99
4. Pearls in Bottle Pendant- Topshop £8.50
5. Long Wollen Cardigan with Frill- Zara £59.99
6. Jersey Marl Headscarf- Zara £16.99
7. Kama Penny Loafers- Topshop £55
8. Handbag G MadellT3- Mango £49.90

Love and Peace

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  2. To participate a formal party you always need a good dress. For me, I love wearing a pencil lace dress. It makes me look sexy and it's comfortable.


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