Hijab Fashion Week

by - November 04, 2010

Em  from Modesty Theory send me an email and asked me if I'd like to participate to this brand new and great event 'Hijab Fashion Week' and I was more than happy to join...a week made out of 7 outfits, from your favourite bloggers...sounds rather exciting...

Lets see if my tight schedule will allow me to post 7 outfits in one week ;) and if I miss out on a day, you can always have a look at the other lovely posts of thd participants/bloggers:

Love and Peace

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  1. excited to see ur HFW posts :)

  2. I'm doing it also, I'm a late comer. cocospearls.blogspot.com

  3. I'm pretty excited myself haha only 5 more days and its on!
    Great@ Coco, the more the merrier :)


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