Eid Mubarak

by - November 16, 2010

Day 2: Hijab Fashion Week Eid Celebration

This is obviously not me celebrating Eid at the time of this writing...and this is my Eid clothes...to be exact, I will be wearing a different dress than this one, but I shell post that sometime soon inshallah.

I normally wear a maxi dress when I go to the mosque for Eid prayers, and when I go out in the evenings with the family, I change...But since this post has to be done DURING Eid, and there is no way I can manage posting on the blog, I put this outfit together for the Hijab Fashion Week.

Scarf is by ZNS puny collection, grey jersey with big velvet bow. Hope you like it!

I wish you all a very blessed Eid, with full of happiness, love & joy! Eid Mubarak my lovelies.

To see all other bloggers outfit go to http://modestytheory.blogspot.com

(Photography by Amy Pho)

Headscarf- ZNS
Knitted Cardigan- Zara
Maxi Dress- Asos
Satchel- Zara
Monk Buckle Flat- New Look

Love and Peace

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  1. ah, but still you manage to look so suave! wonder how much cooler the actual Eid outfit will look!

    Eid Mubarak!

  2. simple yet a nice dress! love the drop!

  3. WOW amazing...EID MUBARAK!

    btw How do i purchase this ZNS jersey scarf? i live in Singapore...

  4. Btw i also like the fact that u cover ur chest..which most women nowdays dont! so good to see that :D

  5. eid mubarek! your blog is amazing - so inspirational to see such a beautiful, hard working hijabista in LDN - since i'm moving from sweden to london next year & will start to wear a hijab then inshallah! Which country are you from originally, sudan? Youre so beautiful even without make up!


  6. Eid Mubarrak dear Zinah!
    I really adore your grey dress, cute! :)

  7. dear sis zinah.. happy eid-ul adha! you look beautiful in that maxi dress. :)


  8. Mash'Allah you look gorgeous <333

    love the dress n everything!!!

    Belated Eid Mubarak btw! :)

  9. Jazakallah khair for all the kind words, it means the world to me!

    @Lea Azari, I'm from Yemen :) and thank you for the lovely compliment :)
    @ Anonymous, the ZNS scarf are currently not on sale, sadly, but inshAllah I shell let everyone know when its on sale, here on the blog

    Love you all xx


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