Dusty White

(I used my digital camera for these photos...looks rather lame next to my digital slr, Stylist: Zinah)

Scarf- Zara
Shirt/Blouse- C&A from Switzerland (since they closed down in the UK)
Belt- Zara

Love and Peace

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6 Responses to Dusty White

  1. Fafa Lane says:

    i love the hijab, just wondering how did she do da wrap?


  2. masmuni says:

    love the belt and scarf :D

  3. thank you lovlies
    @ IamFarsillla...hmm maybe I should do a tutorial on that? what do you think?

  4. Fafa Lane says:

    yessss deaar u should!! im soo loving dats style!!


  5. Ouh please do share with us how you do the wrap!It's gorgeous and unique!! :)

  6. I shell do one soon then iA :) thank you for the kind words and the motivation to do a tutorial on this x

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