Crazy about Elie

by - November 14, 2010

I am so crazy about Elie Saab! His creations are just breathtaking! I don't know where to begin describing the dresses he makes...I even did a complete project based on his designs during college, and that got me a straight A, thanks Elie!

I love the fabrics he uses, the colours, the haberdasheries and how everything works so well together! 
Some may find it tacky and too much, but the again its all about taste? If anyone dislikes Elie Saabs designs, we can respectfully agree to disagree and nobody gets hurt haha

These are some of the dresses he made for the Fall 2010 Couture Collection:

(Pictures from

Love and Peace

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  1. i like them all, but the red one is the best, i love him too

  2. wow! those are absolutrly stunning!


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