Work In Style

by - October 07, 2010

(Photography& Editing by Zinah, Stylist: Zinah)

Headscarf, Blazer, Dress, Sandals& Bag all from- Zara
Sunglasses- Chanel

Love and Peace

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  1. Is there not some irony with the watermark 'Zinah' ?
    I guess this would count as zina of the eyes, for the brother's at least... may Allah ta'ala forgive our sins and give us the correct ilm to walk on the straight path !

  2. To the person who commented above, in case you haven't noticed but Zinah is the blog's owner's name and it means a whole diffrent thing to which you're speaking of but since its written in english letters it stays the same but in arabic it's spelled diffrently as زينة...also its for the brothers to take responsibility in lowering their Gaze and Ameen to your Du'a!

  3. Love the sandals and headscarf, soo pretty!

  4. Zainab, thank you, I couldn't say it any better in reply to the first comment...

    @Smiley, glad to know :)


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