by - October 16, 2010

I was very delighted when I received the sample Hijab/Scarf from SixteenR online store. It was love at first sight, I wore it right there and then.

The pashmina hijab/scarf is wonderfully smooth, light and has a beautiful silk- screen print on it. I was surprised how the print wonderfully worked with the fabric and the contrast it created. It is rather unique, and I must admit, I have never seen a printed scarf before, maybe it is something new or maybe I'm just one step behind with printed hijabs?

I noticed that the printed writing on the scarf is a poem, how wonderful is that?
I am not paid to say this, but I love the printed pashmina scarf, and there are many ways to wear it; below are pictures of 3 ways to wear the scarf...

I was introduced to SixteenR by its president Nancy Hoque, and I have to say that I really like many of their scarves. They not only offer  printed pashminas, but also gaamchas, chiffon, and muslin scarves.
The price range is decent for what you get!

Not only am I only in love with SixteenR scarves, but also the simplicity of their website, the buying process couldn't be more easier, and the navigation is clearly structured (you're probably wondering why am I babbling on about their website, right? I'm a graphic designer and tend to notice good design haha)

Right now they have 10% off on all scarves, hurry and buy them at their website here

(Photography by Amy Pho)

Oh and for all blog lovers, SixteenR also runs a blog, and scarf-styling guide. 

Love and Peace 

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  1. oh wow, what a unique idea, i just visited the blog, the poem is by Tagore. one of my favourite poets!

    i like how you've worn it all 3 ways <3

  2. love this scarf on you! i visited their website, i really like their the end they had the definition of hijab in small print..

    "definition: Hijab- It means "to cover". The term is interchangeably used with "headscarf" worn by muslim women. It is worn out of modesty. Personal reasons for wearing it may vary."

    couldn't help but laugh at the personal reasons may vary...reminds me of "side effects may vary"

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you Zinah! has gotten a make-over, check it out.

  4. Thank you Ashi :)
    Feda, thanks for sharing their philosophy :) yes the two words "...may vary" totally reminds me of medicine hahaha

    Nancy, no problem :)


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