Coffee Date with Ruweyda Dool Part I

by - October 04, 2010

This was the first time I have interviewed an inspiring Muslim face to face. During a sunny and breezy afternoon, I met the lovely fashion& jewellery design Ruweyda Dool. I wasn't expecting Ruweyda Dool to be so wonderfully kind and understanding about my horrible 10mins delay to our meeting.

(Ruweyda& Zinah)

Ruweyda is a talented and very young (yes, very young indeed, 20 years of age only) fashion& jewellery designer. During her course at the London College of Communication, she was designing and making her own collection and that is what she decided to do after she graduated.
Her collections are rather unique, with elegant cuts and colours that are very pleasing to the eyes. Miss Dool's most recent collection reflects the African culture, where she used fabrics with beautiful and colourful african prints.

Ruweyda definitely remains unique amongst many designers, by creating her own fabric prints; yes the fabric of the dress has been actually digitally printed with the design of Miss Dool.  The prints on her canvas bag are screen printed with her own sketches by Ruweyda Dool of course.

One great thing for Muslimah's is that Ruweyda keeps some of her items in each collection modest and comfortable, as she has stated. Miss Dool is well aware of the fact that not everyone is able to wear all of her items, hence the modest fashion pieces in each collection. 
In the interview, she has mentioned that maybe she will eventually create an Islamic collection, who knows? She can't promise anything, but lets all hope. 

Most recently, she has finished her spring 2011 collection, and readers on Zinah Blog will have the privilege to have a sneak preview, before its published to the public. 
The collection contains maxi dresses, with soft fabrics and romantic colours. Well that sounds very promising! I can't wait for it!

(Photographs& Editing by Zinah)

Ruweyda Dool is not only talented, but she is an inspiration to many people, as a designer but also as a Muslim. 

I have recorded the rest of the interview, so I will put that up for you to listen on the next post.

You can find all of Ruweyda's collection on her official website:

Love and Peace

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  1. finally I got your own picture,,,,,it's awesome,,,love that I know who u are! :D
    & for ruweyda,,,i can't believe that she's 20th,,,how fabulous!

  2. haha ratna, you'll see more of me on this blog ;)
    yeah Ruweyda is totally fabulous


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