Nautical Fashion Part I

Here are the first two nautical outfits I have put together for you sisters. Its comfortable, simple, modest and yet very trendy! An effortless fashion, and a timeless trend!

(Styling, Photography &Editing by Zinah, Stylist: Zinah)
Outfit 1:
Blazer- Zara
T-shirt- Urban Outfitters 
Trousers- Zara
Thick Heel Borgue - New Look
Scarf- Massimo Dutti
Glasses - Vintage
Watch- Vintage

Outfit 2:
Blazer- Zara
Trousers- Zara
Pumps- Zara
Dress- Zara
Scarf- Massimo Dutti

Love and Peace

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11 Responses to Nautical Fashion Part I

  1. Gece olsun mübarek bir Zınah ..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the two outfits! You're looking amazing mashallah!

  3. WI says:

    hi there... stumbled across your blog and its really cool! I love the photos you did for this shoot!

  4. zahra says:

    WOW! mashallah these are fabulous! i i agree the photos and the lippie is stunning!

  5. WOAH!
    I love both outfits! You look supremely awesome!

    And, well, DUH...of course I will follow you! :D
    It'd be silly not to---you've got a great blog!

    Eid Mubarak (well, early!)

  6. Unknown says:

    you look gorgeous in the nautical outfit!! love it :)

    happy early eid mubarak :)

  7. Jazakallah khair sisters, really appreciate every single comment and compliment :)

    Just to clarify things, this is not me lol, its my friend who is doing the modelling...I've done the styling, make-up, photography and the editing ;)

    lots of love xx

  8. the photographs r awesome you're really gifted mash'Allah :)

  9. Jazakallah khair Zainab, really love your sweet comments :* xx

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