Malaysia Night Festival

by - September 26, 2010

The festival was on Friday the 24/09 in Trafalgar Square/London. I was really excited going to the bubble of excitement bursted as soon as I saw the crowd!

It was packed like crazy and I hardly could see the stands and what they were offering. I tried to take pictures to share the event with you, but they're just not good enough! Going through the crowd to one of the stands was a battle itself, let alone the rest of the event.

Whoever was there during that night, I hope you had better times than me! Enjoy the few pictures I took.

(Photographs& Editing by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. wow! I've heard of the event when they promoted it here in Malaysia but it never occured to me that it's going to be packed with people! It's sad that you didnt have the chance to see evrything they offered there, but I am sure you found something interesting amongst the crowd.

  2. ah that cute little rose ring .. so cute!

  3. wow!! there's indonesian batik too.. hihihi... so awesome!!

  4. im just wondering, are u a malaysian residing in UK?
    sorry for the personal question, but I can't help asking!hehehe ;)

  5. Shea, I am originally from Yemen :)
    but i LOVE Malaysia! Would more than love to visit it one day inshallah

    Ati, the whole festival had such a great vibe, and I'm really glad I went there :)

    Nisan & Nadya, the batik and rings are beautiful indeed :D

  6. shea, I've been thinking the same question before. luckily u asked :) zinah, i thought u are Malaysian. hee ;)


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