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by - September 21, 2010

The interview is finally here and exclusive for Zinah Blog! It was a pleasure interviewing the two lovely sisters Hanna Faridl and Fifi Alvianto from HijabScarf. Enjoy reading the interview, and I hope you do get inspired in chasing your own dreams and following your ambitions from reading this interview and any interviews exclusively for Zinah Blog.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourselves.
Hanna is a 27 years old working as international acquisition in one of Tv stations in Indonesia while Fifi is a 25 years old working as a motion graphic designer in a different Tv station in Indonesia. Hanna majored in communication and got her master degree in Television Production. Fifi graduated as graphic designer. Both married and are still waiting for the junior to come. 
2. What inspired you in starting the blog HijabScarf? 
We both have the same interest on how to dress nice with hijab. We also feel that not many magazines in Indonesia targeting young muslimah. We have a dream that our blog will become a magazine in the future. The challenge is how to make a magazine with zero assets. one way to do this is making a (sort of) e-magazine. Hijabscarf is a personal blog and magazine in concept wise.  
3. Your blog is very successful amongst many mashallah, is the main topic Islamic Fashion? And what is it that you deliver to other sisters?
Our blog simply discuss how to dress well with your hijab on. We want to share thoughts regarding hijab. We want to inspire and get inspired by sister around the world about hijab and how the hijab affected their life. We want every sister who visits our blog become (more) proud with their hijab on.
4. What are your aims for the future of your blog HijabScarf?
We would love to see Hijabscarf printed version, either books or magazine. We would love to see Hijabscarf not only as a personal blog but also a community filled with many inspiring muslimahs. It will also be great if hijabscarf be the most visited and the number one googled about hijab.
5. Both of you are very stylish mashallah. I truly admire your fashion sense, who are your favourite designer and where do you like to shop?
We like to shop at Zara, Top Shop, and our local brand Xsml. Some of our clothes are also tailor made.
Hanna loves local designer such as Biyan, Oscar Lawalata, Sebastian Gunawan, Priyo Octaviano and many local independent designers here in Indonesia. Also currently admiring Tsumori Chisato designs.
Fifi loves all local designer Hanna mention above also Oscar De La Renta and his brave mix matching patterns. It’s classic yet colourful. The colour is one of the most reasons Fifi loves his designs.
6. I noticed that Indonesian sisters LOVE fashion. How different is the Islamic fashion in Indonesia, compared to some of the other islamic places? 
There are so many hijab styles with much kind of colours in Indonesia. We are surprised each time the style and trend changing even though we live and stay in Indonesia. In terms of colour and style, Indonesian muslimah are expressive to show their character through their dresses. Moreover, a muslim fashion business is also rising here. The market is big and we see this getting  bigger. Basically the rise of muslim fashion here is having a positive support and contribution in every one including the government. So we have many choices to dress up as a stylish muslimah. We cant really say much about the situation in other muslim country. However it seems muslimah in other country are less likely to be more expressive. 
7. I personally find it bothering that many think inside the box when it comes to Islamic clothing/fashion, how can you and do you influence others to think otherwise? 
The only answer we can come up with this question, maybe it is because the person doesn’t feel comfortable to wear something different than others. This blog hopefully will bring the positive influence that every muslimah can experiment styles without violating the hijab rules. We come up with every possible pattern, cutting, color and fabric. Hope our blog can inspire more muslimah to express them selfs through their dresses. 
8. If you both had only one outfit to take with you on a trip, what would it be? And why?
Hanna: I would bring my cotton sarong. Sarong is a length of fabric that can be easily wrap your body. Sarong can be a saviour during cold weather so it will keep me warm yet cool enough during a hot day.  
Fifi will bring her jacket. Jacket is her must have item. The amounts of her jacket collections are as many as her blouses. So practically, she cannot live without her jacket. 
9. What advice and tips do you have for other sisters, style wise?
Knowing your shape both face and body are halfway to know which hijab style perfectly shape your face.  Never get too comfortable with only one style of hijab. Once in a while try new style and explore every scarf you find in many kinds of fabrics and colours. You will somehow get surprise finding one or two styles fit on your face.
Thank you for allowing me to interview you. May Allah shower you with blessings and success, Ameen. I wish you all the best in everything!
Thank you Zinah.. The pleasure is ours. Good luck for your blog as well. May Allah always bless us with goodness.

(Photographs Elusively for Zinah Blog, Digital Imaging by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. im impressed by the questions u had come out with, as well as their answers. great job zinah! looking forward on more interview with others fashionable muslimah :)

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  3. great interview..! I'm a fan of HijabScarf too!

  4. you pick the right persons to be interviewed..I love their blog too :)

  5. thanks everyone, don't we all love hijabscarf? ;)
    they are absolutely stunning mashallah

  6. yes, we all loves hijabscarf :)


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