by - September 12, 2010

I hope that everyone had an amazing Eid, with lots of love, happiness, joy, fun and laughter with family and friends.

Alhamdulillah, I had such a wonderful one, and its not over yet ;) I am guessing that in Muslim countries, people celebrate for up 1 week? Here in the western, it can last from 1-4 days, depends on family, work and timing...With my family it lasts up to 1 week, even if we have work, college and whatsoever. We always go out in the evenings anyways :)
On the first day, its always a family gathering, uncles, in-laws, cousins, you name it! We always have such a huge lunch and the kids play until they drop...So much happiness...and in the evening, we just went out for a coffee and cake :D

Second day was even better, we went bowling! It was so much fun, and unfortunately I was born to be a loser haha...but who cares? It wasn't about winning, but it was about having fun! Dinner is always part of our plan, and we went to a lovely Italian restaurant; The Italian Connection in Bayswater/London...Are you from london? Go visit that restaurant (no, I am  not getting paid to say this haha)
We are all still celebrating

Feel free to share your Eid celebration with your family and friends...just drop a comment or email me and inshallah I shell publish them on the next post.

Here are some photographs (apology for the bad picture quality...I used my iPhone to take the pictures...)

(Photography& Editing by Zinah)

Ps. Just to clarify things, the pictures of the girl in the outfit is NOT me, apologise for those who misunderstood. Its my friend who done the modelling for me ( I am not a fan of taking pictures of myself) and I've done the styling, photography and editing. 

Love and Peace 

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  1. glad to know you had a wonderful eid! :)
    the pics are amazing! =]

    Eid here actually lasts for like only 3 days :/ but its fun after all, check out my recent post about eid.

  2. Thanks Ivy...bags are from chanel and miu miu:D

    @ Zainab, thank you, I did read about your eid post, very lovely...i love ballons hahah, glad you had a great time too :)


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